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rodent monitoring services

Non-Toxic Rodent Monitoring

We offer a non-toxic rodent monitoring system to check whether your commercial or domestic premises may have rats or mice. Contact NI Pest Control & Proofing today and let us put your mind at ease by investigating and dealing with any potential rodent problems.

Bird Control - Bird of Prey

Here at NI Pest Control & Proofing, we have 2 birds of prey to help with bird control. Using a hawk to deter seagulls or pigeons is a simple, mess-free way of keeping your premises free of flying pests.

The use of birds of prey in this way is straightforward. Bird handlers fly the hawks through the affected area a number of times over a prolonged period, letting the local bird population know that the area is not safe for them - driving them away to find somewhere else to nest and feed.

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bird spike installation

Bird Proofing

Here at NI Pest Control & Proofing, we offer professional pigeon spike installation services to protect your property from the persistent nuisance of pigeons. Pigeons can quickly become a problem, causing damage to buildings and creating unsightly messes. Our expert team is here to provide a cost-effective and humane solution to keep these pests at bay. With years of experience in the field, we understand the importance of precision when it comes to pigeon spike installation. Our state-of-the-art techniques ensure that these deterrents are placed strategically to prevent pigeons from roosting or perching on your property, without causing harm to the birds.

Other Bird Deterrents

Here at NI Pest Control & Proofing, we are fully AVIX laser-trained. Laser bird deterrents are innovative devices designed to address the challenges of bird infestations without causing harm to the birds. These systems utilise lasers to project beams of light in various patterns and colours that are highly disruptive to birds' natural behaviour, making them uncomfortable and discouraging them from settling in unwanted areas.

NI Pest Control & Proofing can also install bird netting. These durable, mesh-like nets act as physical barriers that prevent birds from accessing and damaging valuable resources. Bird netting is a humane and environmentally friendly approach, as it does not harm the birds but rather discourages them from nesting or foraging in unwanted areas.

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drain repair

Drain Survey & Repair

Prevent rats from entering your property through your drains! Here at NI Pest Control & Proofing, we offer full drain surveys and repairs to help repair any damage to drainage systems caused by rats, as well as the installation of rat valves to prevent access from the main sewer.

Rodent Proofing

Here at NI Pest Control & Proofing, we offer rodent proofing services for both commercial and domestic clients. By blocking entry points using rodent-proof materials, installing rat valves and meshing air vents, we aim to stop these rodents from returning to your premises. 

rodent proofing belfast northern ireland

Our Reviews

Here at NI Pest Control & Proofing, we take great pride in our work, and so we love hearing from our happy customers. Have a look at some of our recent reviews and feel free to leave on of your own.


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"Lee was recommended to me through a friend at work after I mentioned I thought I had a rat. Lee came out within a few hours, thoroughly inspected the house and found and treated the route cause quickly. Very professional and easy to deal with. Would recommend 100%!"


Facebook Review

"NI Pest Control recently helped me deal with a rat problem. Lee was very professional, friendly, up front and prompt. He made sure to cover all bases, investigate and deal with the issue. He was patient and took the time to explain everything that he was doing and preventative measures to take. Would 100% recommend to anyone."


Facebook Review

"Highly Recommend Lee. He dealt with a very distressing rat problem quickly with no fuss and I was very grateful!!"


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"I had a very active wasps nest above my front door. Contacted Lee who called the same afternoon and sorted it very quickly, no more wasps! First class service, highly recommended."


Facebook Review

"1st class service from Lee. Contacted Lee 5pm about a wasp nest. Arrived next morning 9am. Job completed successfully with minimum fuss. Would recommend Lee for any pest control issues."


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"We use Lee for pest proofing. We run a self catering property set on a small farm so obviously there is a fear of little furry friends getting in to the property. Lee sorted the one we did have and has guided us on how to keep on top of it throughout the year. A more cost effective solution than any emergency call out service. The man is so efficient he won't even take a cup of tea! Wouldn't consider going elsewhere."


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"Lee is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He did a great job proofing our house. Would highly recommend his services to give you reassurance."

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